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     Fantastic rug cleaning from Merton Carpet Cleaning Company, the result was amazing (I wish I'd taken before and after photos, the difference was so amazing). I was also very impressed by the price, it was a lot cheaper than I'd expected, especially considering the quality.
Nancy Fontain19/05/2020
     Very satisfied with Carpet Cleaner Merton will refer them time and time again to anyone. Thank you for a great job!
Josh D.19/09/2019
     Kids' parties are lots of fun. The cleaner cleans up after them like champions. My kids need lots of cleaning up after, like whole house cleaning. Low cost, good cleaners and great service.
Franklin Reed03/07/2019
     This cleaning company know how to treat their customers. It's little wonder why Merton Carpet Cleaning Services have been around for as long as they have.
Martin F.11/06/2018
     Literally don't know what I would do without Merton Carpet Cleaning Services and their fantastic carpet cleaning service. I've got quite a lot of animals in the house so keeping the carpets fresh is a real challenge, but these guys make it so easy and way cheaper than I expected.
Gerald Giggin13/12/2017
     Thanks so much to Carpet Cleaner Merton for your unbelievable move out cleaning service! How can I begin to thank you? You did such a wonderful job and left the place looking spotless. Fantastic work!
Jordan Haines21/04/2016
     My husband and I needed professional cleaning contractors for a home we were looking to sell. It would have been a too bigger job to complete ourselves, but we would have done so if we couldn't find an affordable company. We are more than pleased with Merton Carpet Cleaning Services because they worked to budget and on time. Will be using them next time for sure!
Gabrielle J.15/03/2016
     Very happy with Carpet Cleaner Merton and the prices they charge for the best carpet cleaning I've ever experienced. After having a few friends around for a bit of a party, we were left with a bit of an issue with our carpets. At one point we were thinking they'd have to be replaced. But with one call through to the experts, our lives were saved. Great work from them, don't think I can remember the carpets ever being this clean. Just like new!
Steven Cox05/11/2015
     Our apartment has been perpetually dusty due to the French windows that we love to keep open to let in fresh air and light. When Merton Carpet Cleaning Company's team arrived, they managed the house cleaning efficiently and without any supervision. Very happy with the work done, we will be hiring your services again.
     The kitchen cleaners Carpet Cleaner Merton sent to my house did a great job. They wiped and polished every inch of my kitchen so that there was no dirt, dust or whatever. They worked hard, concentrating on the job and had everything done in a few hours. They were friendly and cooperative, and I trusted them to get on with the work while I saw to other matters. They did a thorough job and everything went smoothly. I am very impressed with the help I received and I'm sure you will be too.
Bethany Willis27/05/2015
     I couldn't be happier with MertonCarpetCleaners. I was reluctant to hire a cleaning company for my end of tenancy cleaning, but I just didn't have the time to do it myself thanks to the house move I was planning. The staff worked very quickly and completed the job to an incredibly high standard. I couldn't find a single fault with the cleaning and neither could be landlord! Thank you!
Sam T.29/01/2015
     MertonCarpetCleaners is without a doubt London's finest cleaning service! Over the years I've tried and tested several cleaning companies, but none have come up trumps quite like this one! I'm never disappointed and have complete confidence in their stellar performance. The cleaners always arrive dot on time and get on with their work. They don't stop until the bathtub is sparkling and my kitchen surfaces absolutely flashing! I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone looking for cleaning services!
Stephan R.15/01/2015
     I've always hated housework and when I moved in with my girlfriend I dreaded being asked to push the hoover around and clean the bathroom. I persuaded her to hire a professional cleaner so that we could enjoy more of our free time together and I'm very pleased we picked MertonCarpetCleaners. They do all the horrible jobs I am desperate to avoid and they do it well because they have such good skills and cleaning materials. I am very pleased with the service we have had from these cleaners and I would certainly recommend them to others in need.
     I was worried that getting a cleaner would be too expensive for me as a young single parent. So many companies charge so much for their services. Luckily MertonCarpetCleaners gave me a great quote for my upholstery cleaning and sent someone round to my house within a couple of hours. My upholstery has never looked better and I can't say enough good things about the service they provided. It is rare to get a clean like that for the sort of money they are asking and I have never been so pleased with a cleaning service. I could not have managed it myself and so I am really glad I got in touch with them.
Barbara F.09/10/2014
     The family divides up different home cleaning chores through the week but for sofa cleaning I like to hire the pros every now and then. Sofas collect so much dust and grime over time that I just can't bear to leave it at light dusting and vacuuming. With MertonCarpetCleaners I can look forward to a fresh, clean and germ-free sofa every time. I usually call the team in every couple of weeks for some deep cleaning. With the great prices and schemes they offer it works out really well with my budget as well!
Connie D.19/09/2014
     I called MertonCarpetCleaners to complete a one-off blitz clean of my entire house so I could be well organised and tidy for the summer and the inevitable mess that my children bring home with them. What a fantastic team who, above all, were great to be around and we had a great laugh. They arrived on time wearing their company uniforms and were extremely fast without cutting any corners. I did not know what to expect but they certainly exceeded my expectations. You simply could not find a better service anywhere. And all at a great price. Brilliant, 10/10
David Finch30/06/2014
     I just didn't have enough hours in the day for my housework with work and family life. I had a lot of after school activities to get to with the children. I had noticed a new company called MertonCarpetCleaners and decided to get in touch. I was given a lot of advice and costs, and thought the staff was very friendly and helpful. I decided to go for a spring clean service first then follow up with a regular clean every fortnight. I think the work that was done was wonderful. They really made a difference, and paid great attention to a lot of small details under beds, on top of wardrobes etc.
Jessica Hanson12/06/2014
     I was fed up with my carpeted flooring but couldn't afford to replace it. A colleague recommended MertonCarpetCleaners who she had used on several occasions and was always pleased with. So I contacted them and arranged a meeting. A staff member cam e and gave me the low down on how they worked, and how much it would cost. It was more than I thought but still cheaper than buying new. I booked a date, and the team arrived and did their job. I must say the outcome was great. My carpets look like new, and it was certainly worth the money.
Sylvia Smart26/05/2014
     Given that I am extremely house proud, it is rare for me to sing the praises of someone else's cleaning work, but I really did get a run for my money with MertonCarpetCleaners! With no prior experience with cleaning companies, I was very happy to find that I got a great cleaning job, as well as a fantastic group of people, who were wonderful to have in the house. I expected the exact opposite, given how fastidious I am about cleaning my house, but this lot were great! A good price as well, which certainly made all the difference.
Lee Waters29/04/2014
     MertonCarpetCleaners are the best cleaning service in town. My dog is very old and starting to have little accidents around the house but my regular cleaner knew exactly what to do and had all of the products and experience to have my home, and all of my soiled upholstery smelling fresh in to time. They really leave no stone unturned in their cleaning work and take no shortcuts whatsoever. I feel incredibly confident that whatever accidents could happen in my house, our cleaner would know exactly what to do. They offer a really fantastic service at an affordable price.
Eleanor R.08/04/2014
     When you're trying to get you home cleaned, finding the time can be the hardest thing of all. I often found myself finding a minute here and an hour there and never really getting anything done properly. Once I hired MertonCarpetCleaners, however, that completely changed. I no longer have to worry about these kinds of issues and I quickly discovered just how much time I have to spend on other things nowadays. Their help makes a huge difference in so many areas, it seems a struggle to list everything here. But I can honestly say that they've been great.
Kathy Martin19/03/2014
     Given the sheer amount that I need to get done in the week, I am not at all ashamed to say that I have always had a cleaner round. In fact, I very much recommend that you do similarly, as the company that I have been using, MertonCarpetCleaners are particularly excellent at what they do! No fuss, simple but effective cleaning, in and out in a couple of hours, turning my messy flat in to a haven of peace and tidy tranquility. It is quite astounding to see how effective these professionals are, compared to my half hearted efforts, so give them a call right away!
Lester F.05/03/2014
     Having a clean home can often be a time and energy consuming chore. I just didn't have the time or patience to spend cleaning my home in my spare time. I hired MertonCarpetCleaners to provide a thorough home cleaning service on a routine basis and was immediately impressed with the results. I had used a number of bad companies in the past that I couldn't trust. But I was lucky to find MertonCarpetCleaners because they provide me with honest service at a convenient time that works for my busy schedule. I couldn't be happier with their service. They clean all the rooms including my kitchen and bathroom.
Tammy Barnes18/02/2014
     When I saw my niece's carpets completely change in appearance overnight I was intrigued. They went from dirty to clean in what seemed an instant, so I had to ask her what had happened. She was quite honest about the fact that MertonCarpetCleaners had been round and gone right through the house. I wanted in on that action so I gave them a call and booked a full set of carpet cleans. I wasn't prepared for just how good the results would be. What a service! Seriously you probably won't even be aware of just how much your carpets have deteriorated; I wasn't!
Toby Langley30/01/2014

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